TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a Certified Mental Health Crisis in America

AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT…It is time to give up trying to understand the mind or motives of the Socialist Left in America. From the Democrat Party to the Indoctrinated Students you will not change their minds on anything because they are incapable of processing any change from their anti-social, anti-America, anti-Trump thoughts. 

HOWEVER I don’t think there is any cure or rehabilitation for those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). If there is one thing the election of Donald Trump as President has revealed, it is the absolute lunacy of people that just cannot accept that Hillary Clinton lost.

I want to talk about the average citizens in America that have gone completely off the rails in their hatred for Donald Trump and how it now manifests itself as hatred for America. How in this world can supposedly educated people, moral people, people who should be able to think and reason and recognize truth from fiction become mentally corrupted to the point of wanting our President to fail even if it causes America to fail?

In reality, they cannot accept that Hillary Clinton was a failed candidate with a history of lies, deception and treason to America. No amount of money, media bias or so called Russian interference could wash away the stench that followed her. From having a rapist husband, the blood of Benghazi on her hands and lying to America about a video to erasing 33,000 emails. This, among a host of other things is why America did not trust her to be President.

So out of the blue here comes Donald Trump. A businessman not a politician, brash, straight talking, politically incorrect and not afraid of speaking the truth. Giving voice to millions of Americans who put their faith in politicians only to have them turn their backs on the citizens that voted for them once they got to Washington.

We were told by the media, the experts, the talking heads, the polls that he could not win. There was no path to 270 they said right up until he got 306 electoral votes to become the 45th President. The screams and tears of rage from the left was deafening and foretold of things to come. But nobody thought the left would lose its mind the way they have.

Yes TDS is real and it needs to be treated as the mental illness it is. You see this illness has been festering in America for at least 50 years. We have just ignored the symptoms until they have become too pronounced to ignore any longer. How did it get this way? Where did it start and how has it remained hidden for so long?

It started over 50 years ago when our Universities began hiring left leaning Professors under the benign name of liberals. Liberal was not a threatening word. Just a nice way of saying we care more than others about the perceived injustices in America. In reality these people were Socialist at best, closet Communists at worst. They began indoctrinating their students who then graduated and became teachers in our Secondary School System. Eventually reaching down into the Elementary System where they could start their indoctrination at the earliest of ages.

One of their first truly evil moves was to attack our Christian based morality. Their goal was to remove God and the teachings of the 10 commandments from the schools and replace it with socialist liberal teachings that if it feels good it is OK regardless of how deviant the act. They convinced our children that it was OK to be mediocre, that striving to excel somehow was wrong because it may hurt the feeling of those less smart or less athletic. And the parents fell for it because it was easier to accept it than to question those in authority that controlled it.

The result was 2 generation of Americans that believed they were victims of American greatness. They were taught to believe that America only became great by victimizing its less fortunate, that rewarding success was a means of suppressing others less successful. They try to justify their hatred by creating terms like White Privilege; Black Lives Matter; War on Women; to give themselves an excuse for openly displaying their hatred of anything good or right or just.

They march and chant and riot believing they have a moral right to stand up to the oppression and all the while attacking the very government and patriots that gave their lives to protect that right. Burn the flag, tear down our monuments, attack innocent Americans, burn and loot stores all the while calling anyone that disagrees with their brand of hatred a NAZI or a FASCIST and not understanding the things they are doing makes them what they call others.

This has been boiling under the surface for a long time and the election of Donald Trump has caused them to lose their collective minds. YES, TDS is real, and we need to do all we can to save those that can be saved and prevent those beyond saving from spreading their disease to another generation.

I don’t hate these people, I pity them. They wake up each day full of hate for our President and Country while we wake up each day full of love and pride and hope for our future. They wake up and look in the mirror and see despair, and jealousy and self loathing because they refuse to believe in Americas greatness while we look in the mirror and see light in our hearts, hope in our future and belief in something greater than us.

They live the day looking for someone or something to hate or disparage because it makes them feel important and to be accepted by others like them. I pity them going through life like this but to be honest there is no hope for them because they have been fooled into believing that somehow loving our country is wrong. That America is to be blamed for all of the social ills in our country and even around the world.

Their mind is closed to even the possibility that they are wrong because that would mean having to admit they have been lead like sheep and all they had been taught to believe was wrong. They will never admit this, in fact when presented with the truth they double down and attack the truth teller. The worst part of this way of living is they raise their children with poisoned minds to think the same, creating another generation of hate filled youth. Parents that teach this hatred are committing child abuse, not the physical kind that can heal but the mental abuse that will destroy future generations.

To save the current generation of today’s youth I think we should bring back the draft and require all citizens under the age of 26 to serve 4 years active duty in our military where they can learn to serve God and Country and learn that there is something more important worth living for than their own self-interest and gratification.

To save the next generation we need to immediately take the Government and the Unions out of our educational system. We need school vouchers for ever child in America so the parents can choose what school they want their children to attend. We need to bring back the teaching of Civics and the REAL American History so students have a true understanding of the blessing they have being an American. We need to put the teaching of morals and community service back into the curriculum and remove the teaching of moral depravity currently being taught.

Regretfully. we can’t save very many of those too far gone. We can only pity them. Smile at their idiocy and wish them a good day. However we can save the next generation if we start now.

Elect true Republican Constitutional Conservatives at every level from the local school boards to your national politicians. Engage those millennial’s who will listen in conversations and talk about #MAGA. Give them facts not rhetoric. If they resort to name calling just move them into the hopeless case group and find another to talk to.


Stay the course, support our President and the future for America will be bright. To quote President Trump..“BRIGHTER THAN EVER BEFORE”

Chuck Kidd
Just an old geek living the good life.
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Chuck Kidd

This is so true