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I am a Hyphenated American now. I am a PROUD-AMERICAN. Are You?

As I sit here and think of what America has evolved into from the days of 1776 and how the dream that our founders believed in has become a nightmare, it begs me to ask the question WHY? What happened to that shining beacon of freedom called America? What happened to the Land of the free and home of the brave. Why has the American dream become so difficult to achieve?

Everyone wants to blame the politicians in Washington and to a large degree they are right. There is certainly blame to be placed at their feet. But I think the deeper problem is the apathy of the American citizen. We have gone from “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” TO “What am I going to get free from my country and how long can I get it for” and now a whole generation of kids are lost in this thought process because we didn’t care enough to stop it from happening. We stood by and allowed a take over of our education system by Socialist and Communist that have poisoned the minds of our children with hate for America.

It is time that the Citizens of America join together, stand up and be counted on again. It is time for the citizens of this great nation to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH because if we don’t then we are dooming the next generation and many following it to a life worse than ours.

No more Political Correctness it is time to call a spade a spade. A terrorist is just that, he is a terrorist and I don’t give one damn bit if he is Muslim or Christian, domestic or foreign. If someone commits an act of violence against our country or a citizen in the name of some made up god or anti-American ideology then they are subject to being treated like the piece of shit they are. They gave up their right for civilized treatment when they decided to attack or kill innocent civilians .

Undocumented citizens? Give me a break. They are law breaking illegal aliens. Send all of them back home now. Let them get in line and apply just like millions did before them. Bring our troops home from the illegal foreign wars and let them really defend America by securing our borders.

A divided nation? Yes, it is because we Americans allowed talking heads in the media and corrupt politicians and so call civil rights activist to define us all as something other than just Americans. White, Afro, Native, Hispanic, Asian the list goes on and on and guess what? Embracing this kind of diversity instead of assimilation is not working in America. It is dividing us like never before.

Do you think for 1 minute the Democrat Party wants racial equality? HELL NO, if there was no racism then they would become irrelevant. It is racism that gives them their power. Divide and conquer is the game being played, Color, Race, Religion. status in life, money, all these things are being used to divide the country and we are doing we are doing very little to stop it. 

So how do we undo the damage that has already been done? We start by never calling anyone any time a hyphenated American again. We write our newspapers and media peeps and tell them we will not buy from any advertiser of theirs unless they make a public announcement that they will not use hyphenated references to Americans again. And stick to what you say.

Hitting the media in the pocket book is the only way to get their attention. As to the politicians and so called activist shout them down every time they do it. Remind them we are just Americans. For those around you in your neighborhoods and work places or schools. Shake a hand or 2 and say proudly I am an American and I am here to help and befriend you because you are an American too. What can we do together as Americans to make our country great again?

It can really be that simple to start to heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon us all. One handshake between 2 Americans of different cultures, race, religion agreeing to do good for each other. That’s Power in your hands. And finally, as to the traitors to our constitution in the government both local and national. We send them a message as Americans when it is time to vote. WE VOTED THIS COUNTRY BACK TO OURSELVES IN 2016. We voted for Donald Trump. The only man in the race without political baggage or agenda and in 2020 we will return him to the Presidency for 4 more years. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN IS NOT A RACIST TERM.

Well my rant is done for now. Thank you to the troops both past and present that fought and sacrificed for this great nation. Maybe just maybe your fight wasn’t for naught. I am a hyphenated American now also. I am a PROUD-AMERICAN ARE YOU?

Chuck Kidd
Just an old geek living the good life.
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