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The movement to de-legitimize, undermine and eventually impeach President Donald Trump is far reaching into every department of the federal government. It is supported by the DNC, a group of GOP leaders that are anti-Trump, main stream media and various 501c PACs funded by globalist donors. President Trump scares the […]

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Don’t Take Your Eye Off The Ball. The citizens of American have a clear choice ahead of them. We have a 2-party system in America, but it is not Republican vs Democrats, it is Constitutional Conservatism vs Communism, it is Good vs Evil. Choose wisely which one you want your […]

Yes, The Main Stream Media has become a Real and Present Danger to America
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Facts no longer matter. All that matters to the Main Stream Media is pushing the Communist agenda they are being paid to push. They are desperately trying to destroy President Trump and ultimately the America we love. The movement to delegitimize, undermine and eventually impeach President Donald Trump is far-reaching […]

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