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Welcome to Free1st.com. In order to get blogging, please register for the site. You can do that HERE or from the main menu.

I want to give you some background about who Free1st is and why we’re doing this.

Censorship is killing social media. Facebook and Twitter bleeding users by the millions and stock prices tanking. Now the Government is investigating the blatant liberal bias in both. First it was the major print media, the New York Times, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, etc. Then it was the broadcast networks, CBS, NBC, ABC. Then it was the cable networks — CNN, MSNBC, Fox News. Finally, the major Internet companies came along and have been as corrupt as their forbears — Google, Facebook, Yahoo — all are as openly biased and unjust as the media companies who came before them.

Our answer to this problem is Free1st.

Free1st will allow you to share your opinion on the news as it breaks where you are. Free1st will give you, the citizens, the opportunity to decided which stories should be heard, shared, and reported upon. In short, Free1st gives the power to the People.

So, what are we asking of you?

We are looking for writers to blog about anything and everything that you wish to opine about.

We only have 4 main rules…


(1.) No Threats of violence/physical harm to anyone, either directly or indirectly.
(2.) No pornography. 
(3.) No illegal content, warez, materials.
(4.) No Terrorist content or activity.

Other than this, feel free to insult as needed. Offended by something someone wrote? Too bad! We don’t want to hear about it unless it violates one of the 4 rules above. Let the community censor themselves. It’s called FREE SPEECH.

We take the 1st Amendment serious at Free1st.

Oh, BTW we are adding an Interactive Forum soon and a Podcast System. We are just getting started and will welcome your ideas to improve Free1st.

Thanks for joining and share your Blogs with you friends.