Censorship is killing online social media. Facebook and Twitter are bleeding users by the millions and stock prices tanking. With the Government investigating the blatant liberal bias in both companies. It is time to take bold action and build a new, safer and better online social network.

Free1st is proud to introduce you to Freedomsbook.

Freedombook has Facebook like features, look and feel so it is easy to transition but most important, NO CENSORSHIP. NO SELLING OR SHARING OF YOUR DATA.

We have 4 main rules (1.) No Threats of violence/physical harm to anyone, either directly or indirectly. (2.) No pornography. (3.) No illegal content, warez, materials. (4.) No Terrorist content or activity.

Other than this, feel free to insult as needed. Offended? Too bad, block someone over it. We don’t want to hear about it unless it violates one of the 4 rules above. Let the community censor themselves.




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