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Cuomo Should Just Change Parties

First, what is sexual harassment? A single man asks a single woman if he can kiss her. Should she be allowed to press charges? I don’t think so. Then how do you prove sexual harassment? Has a woman proved her case by saying he hugged and kissed me on the cheek 25 years ago?  I am pretty sure that every time I saw a friend 25 years ago unexpectedly I gave her a hug and kiss.  Not somebody I saw every day.
In the Navy, we were taught you get one shot with each woman. If she says no, that is it. You are harassing her if you continue and that was for women in the Navy. But I know that some women like to be pursued. Also, if she likes it, then it is not harassment.  What the Navy gave us were clear bright lines.

Well of course I am talking about Cuomo here.  Like Trump when people started talking about making Cuomo President all of a sudden women started remembering things he did.  Trump was accused of inappropriate touching by twenty-six women. One woman who had two witnesses willing to testify said that he raped her when she was 13 on multiple occasions.  He also forced her to perform oral sex on a twelve-year-old girl for his entertainment.  We know for a fact that Trump had consensual sex with at least two porn stars while his wife was pregnant with his youngest son.  Trump became President and arguably still controls the Republican party.

Cuomo, a Democrat, has his party members calling for him to resign for things like a single man asking a woman if he can kiss her.  Oh my God, that is sweet and old-fashioned. She friend-zoned him right away and that was that.  But now that he is in the running to be President she wants him kicked out of the running for sexual harassment.

There is no proof of any of this. No witnesses.  No movies. No recordings.  That got Trump the nomination and the Presidency.

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