Since the mid 1960s after the Assassination of President Kennedy the far left Socialist have been methodically taking control of the DNC and the Democrat Party and they hoped eventually America.

They knew it would take a least one, maybe two generations to accomplish this and their play-book was Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Thus began the infiltration of Communist and Socialist into the American educational system. It would not work to start their attack on the local level. First they must take power over the Higher Education institutions of Universities and Colleges so as to indoctrinate the next generation of students that would graduate as Socialist and go administrate and teach at the local levels.

They also knew these newly indoctrinated Socialist would marry, have good little socialist children and even get involved in politics. All the while claiming to be main stream Democrats.

So over the years they have gained power in the Democrat Party and began to move into party leadership roles. This has not been without a fight from the real Democrats but it has been a losing battle for them because to get support for re-election they need to move, some kicking and screaming farther to the left.

This 40+ year scheme culminated in getting Barack Obama elected as President. They rejected Hillary Clinton not because she wasn’t crooked enough for them obviously she fit that requirement 100 times over but they rejected her in 2008 because she wasn’t left enough. Hillary was just too main stream Democrat for them and moving her to the left if she became President would have been impossible.

So a half-Black inexperienced first term Senator, a previous Community Organizer with a shady background and a smooth voice became their standard-bearer for 2008.

By this time the Main Stream Media was full of these indoctrinated Socialist and were willing participants in touting Barack Obama as the 2nd coming of Jesus and failed horribly in their duty as objective Journalist to ask the hard questions and seek the truth about his lack of qualifications to be President. He became the lefts anointed one.

Now they needed the media to convince enough American citizens that failing to vote for Obama was being overtly racist. If you didn’t vote for him even though your reasoning was he didn’t qualify to be President you were still a racist for not voting for the 1st black president.

Barack Obama became the 44th President and in his own words began to “Fundamentally Change America”. All the tools to do this were in place. Control of Congress and the White House, a Cabinet full of willing Socialists, a Corrupt DOJ and Intelligence Community and a Main Stream Media willing to feed the American people every lie the White House wanted the American people to hear and to provide cover for every crime they committed.

For 8 years they worked night and day to destroy America as we knew it and remold it in their dreams of Socialism and Globalism. They even threw Hillary Clinton a bone and made her Sec. of State and let her sell off Americas assets to the highest bidder. She thought she was being smart, but she was being played because when she wanted to be President in 2016, the Socialist left by then, owned her because of her greed and corruption. If she wanted to be President in 2016 she would have to play the game their way.

So here we come to 2016 with Hillary Clinton being the anointed one. It was her time. First Woman with a serious chance to be President. BUT LOOKOUT HERE COMES BERNIE!!! The senates premier Socialist sees an opening and makes a move that galvanized all of the willing little Socialist being turned out of the Universities en-mass and he ignites a fire storm in the DNC and Hillary Clinton camps.

OMG, what are they to do. Bernie is kicking ass and building an army. He is leading the Socialist charge to the White House and the new anointed one is getting brushed aside again. But have no fear the DNC and Hillary have a plan to steal the nomination from Bernie and that is exactly what they do. The problem is they had to do it publicly and the Bernie Bots didn’t like it. Even when Bernie was bought off with a new car and house to endorse Hillary his followers didn’t come along.

All the while this was playing out in public Donald Trump was steam rolling over the establishment GOP party candidates one by one. His message of “Making America Great Again” was resonating across the heartland and seeping into the lefts background states little by little.

The arrogance of Hillary Clinton and the DNC would prove to be fatal in the election. Her baggage as a Clinton, the criminal investigation into her corruption coupled with the public theft of the nomination from Bernie would be enough to cause many Democrats to stay at home on election day.

Even the Main Stream Media with their bogus polls and non-stop partisanship to Hillary was not enough to stop the Trump Train. It was picking up speed and became a Juggernaut that could not be stopped.

Hillary had 93% chance of winning they said. Trump had no path to 270 they said. Hillary would win in a landslide. But 63 Million “Deplorable” American citizens turned out and destroyed the BLUE WALL.

The night of Nov. 8th 2016 was one of joyous glee as we watched the systematic meltdown of the talking head, pundits and faux journalist in the Fake News Networks. We witnessed the birth of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” live on TV and it was wonderful to see.

But the left was not going to go quietly. If they couldn’t win the election by hook or crook they were going to try to steal the Presidency back with a quiet Coup d’état led by the Obama hold overs in the DOJ and Intel communities. This drama is playing out in public now but there will be no Justice for President Trump. They will  do everything in their evil playbook to try to stop the #MAGA agenda.

They knew they could get away with it because they controlled so many Judges, state level Attorney Generals and the Main Stream media. The installed a puppet called Joe Biden who they could control and filled his Administration with their Communist comrades.

Now the Democrats have completely turned the page into full blown evil. They support open borders and welcome murderers, rapists, gangs, criminals and drugs into Sanctuary cities and deny ICE the ability to capture and deport these vile creatures. they are now openly promoting MURDER of children in the name of Abortion and Women’s Rights, they want Terrorist and Felons to be able to vote. Now they have turned again to the education system to tear apart families and begin the nebulization of children as a way to separate them from their parents. THEIR EVIL HAS NO LIMITS.

It is vile, it is evil, it is wrong and it will ultimately destroy America if we don’t take immediate steps to stop it. I firmly believe the good citizens of America will eventually reject this type of behavior by their elected officials because America has always stood for good over evil.

However America may be destroyed first beyond repair. If we don’t do 2 things now. This can’t wait any longer.

Step 1. We must return President Trump to the White House in 2024 or sooner by any means necessary. It is time to be MORE EVIL than them. We must use every Constitutional right granted to us to remove Biden. Up to and including by force if that is our last resort. WITHOUT THIS STEP NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER. THE AMERICA THAT WE KNOW AND LOVE WILL BE LOST FOREVER.

Step 2. Once in control of the Presidency and the House they must de-fund and eliminate the CIA, DOJ, DHS, ATF, FBI, IRS and the Dept. of Education.

Step 3. Combine the CIA and FBI responsibilities under the U. S. Secret Service. The roll of the FBI and ATF to the U. S. Marshall Service. DHS to Customs and Border protection. Pass a FLAT Tax to eliminate the IRS.

Step 4. Hire the law firm of  Judicial Watch to build a new DOJ.

Step 5. Create a set of guide lines for K-12 Education with preferred basic courses for the states to follow. Withhold educations funds from any state that does not implement this. Stop all funding to any Institute of Higher Education that violates the 1st Amendment of free speech in any way.

Step 6. Purge the DOD and Military of all Woke agenda and remove any Officer who has supported it.


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