Free1st SMS LLC is a complete Social Media System that provides users with multiple social media websites that Honor and Defend the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Big Tech has monopolized Social Media long enough and their censorship is in direct violation of the 1st Amendment. It is time to break away from them and embrace Free1st SMS.

Free speech does come with a few common sense rules the we enforce at Free1st.   Click Here To Read The Rules

FreedomsBook has been designed to replace Facebook with equivalent and enhanced features.

Free1stMusic is much like Spotify but designed for Music Lovers that just want to store and listen to their favorite tunes.

Sqwaak easily replaces Twitter. We don’t Tweet we Sqwaak all we want without being censored.

Free1st Chat is a free chat room website where you can have live chat with friends, family or even strangers in your own or public chat rooms.

1stVideoTube has been designed to replace YouTube with equivalent and enhanced features.

Get up-to the -minute News from around the world in News, Sports, Money, Entertainment, Health and Lifestyle. 

Free1st Patriots is a part of Free1st SMS LLC but not under The Social Media System.
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