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Free1st SMS LLC provides its users with Social Media Websites dedicated to Honoring and Defending the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. We believe our members should police themselves and act as their own Fact Checkers.

Our members must agree to abide by our 5 Basic rules that apply to all Free1st Social Media websites.
1. No Pornography
2. No Selling or promoting illegal content
3. No Terrorist related activity of any kind
4. No Doxing of another persons personal information
5. No Threats of physical violence either directly or indirectly
If something offends you just ignore it or block that member and if it violates one of our 5 Rules please report it to or use the Contact Us link found at bottom of all pages.

Free1st SMS members enjoy many great features. 

Have an opinion you would like to share or a comment about the current political climate? Create a Blog!
Our members can share Instant Messages or Chat 1 on 1 or create a Group Chat. 100% Private and Secure.
Share important information about Events, Rallies or just join in the conversation in our Private or Public Forum.
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Free1st Mission StatementWe Honor and Defend the 1st Amendment

Free1st’s mission is to put people and free speech first. We believe that the only valid form of censorship is an individual’s own choice to not read something you find offensive. Free1st’s policy is to follow all applicable laws in The United States of America, the Constitution and the Supreme Court’s rulings on the First Amendment.

We use the Court’s rulings, precedents and judgments as our guiding principles for protecting and empowering free speech and expression.

You may not use the Free1st Social Media System for any unlawful purposes or illegal activities.